Kelley Honey Farms a little taste of Texas
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We are proud to provide our consumers with all-natural raw and unfiltered products, harvested by hard working beekeepers in Texas.
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Local Texas Raw and Unfiltered Honey: Hives owned and Honey harvested in the state of Texas


About Kelley

As a Texas based, family-owned and operated business, our passion for bees grew from more than 100 years of experience in both beekeeping and packing.
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Pancakes with honey and berries
Honey Muffins With Variations

Honey Muffins with Variations

A reliable, easy recipe with honey and variations ranging from blueberry to soybean!
Honey Cinnamon Toast

Honey Cinnamon Toast

Honey and cinnamon. Simple yet delicious.
Honey French Toast Thumbnail

Honey French toast

The flavors of cinnamon and nutmeg combine with honey to make this recipe one of a kind.