Kelley’s Sponsorships

Kelley Honey Farms believes in supporting our community. One of the ways we do this is through sponsorship of local athletes, and community events and festivals.
Alicia Walker
alicia pic2Alicia Walker is up and coming rodeo star. A freshman at Joshua High School in Joshua, Texas, she competes with the high school rodeo team, a member of the North Texas High School Rodeo Association.

“Rodeo is everything to me because it helped me find myself. It helped me be who I am and who I want to be,” says Alicia.

Currently she is competing in barrel racing. She hopes to add pole bending soon also.  Kelley Honey Farms is proud to sponsor this young athlete by providing support through donations of honey which Alicia sells as a fundraiser. Additionally, Kelley Honey Farms provided the team silent auction items and bottles of honey to sell during the Joshua sponsored high school rodeo night.

“Kelley Honey Farms helps a lot with my rodeo and the Joshua High School team,” said Walker. “I am always trying to sell honey and make Kelley Honey Farms the most well-known honey out there.”

The money raised from the honey Alicia sells helps support her rodeo horse, Joey, as well as cover her entry fees at the events.

“Rodeo is hard, but it’s worthwhile. The horses are so loyal and trusting it’s hard not to love them,” said Alicia. “Rodeo is my life and I will never change it!”

John R. Vera
vera pic2John Vera Jr’s boxing career began at the age of 11 in a small backyard gym in west Fort Worth. He and a group of friends were looking for something to fill their time when they stumbled upon boxing and decided to give it a try. As a youth boxer, Vera won numerous golden glove tournaments and a few national tournaments.

In 2012, Vera turned pro and now boxes with Faith, Hope and Gloves Boxing out of White Settlement, TX. He is Junior Middle Weight (154 lbs). He is currently undefeated in his class with an 11-0 record including seven KOs (knock-outs).

Vera works full time as a wellness analyst for the Tarrant Regional Water District while maintaining a full-time practice schedule.

The sponsorship from Kelley Honey Farms has provided Vera with two sets of ring attire, the funds for a eight week nutrition program and product to use in his training regimen.

“I would not have been able to afford the nutrition program without the help of Kelley Honey Farms, “ said Vera. “It is an important element of my training as it helps me make weight more easily and in a healthy manner.“

Vera uses Kelley Honey Farms honey as a part of his training regimen. He uses it in his coffee, oatmeal and as a snack if feeling hungry while dropping weight. He also takes a tablespoon before a workout for an energy boost.

Interested in applying for a Kelley Honey Farms sponsorship?

Fill out the application form KHF Sponsorship Application and e-mail it back to us at or mail it to P.O. Box 45 , Chicota, TX  75425 .


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