Kelley’s Bee Riddles


Who is Kelley Bee’s favorite composer? (click for answer)
Why is Kelley Bee’s hair always sticky? (click for answer)
Because she uses honey combs. 
What competition does Kelley Bee always win? (click for answer)
A spelling bee! 
Why can’t Kelley Bee’s brother play football? (click for answer)
Because he’s a fumble bee. 
Where does Kelley Bee keep her valuables? (click for answer)
In a honey box.
Why did Kelley Bee have trouble understanding another bee? (click for answer)
He was a mumble bee. 
Why did Kelley Bee have to go to the Doctor? (click for answer)
She had hives.
What is Kelley Bee’s favorite outdoor game? (click for answer)