Kelley’s Attends the Mother Earth News Fair

February, 16 2018 Belton, Tx- Kelley Honey Farms attended the Mother Earth News Fair, a sustainable living convention open to the public. We saw everything from making your own coconut milk ice cream to composting toilets.

Sustainable living and bee keeping go hand in hand, being able to produce your own non perishable food while simultaneously increasing crop yield through pollination is a must for anyone trying to be truly self sustaining. Kelley’s has come up with a way to help sustainability enthusiasts establish their own hive by becoming hive sponsors.

The Kelley Honey Farms Sponsor a Hive program allows anyone with a backyard to get their own hive and learn how to keep it alive. Learn more about getting your own hive through our program, and start making your own honey here.

To learn more about Mother Earth News, and sustainable living visit the Mother Earth News website here.


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