One Great Way to Kill Spicy Foods With Honey

If You Can’t Stand The Heat, Get Out The Honey


Recently Kelley Honey Farms attended the spicy food festival, Zest Fest 2018, in Irving, TX. There they debuted their new honey flavors cinnamon and jalapeno with the first public tasting with much success. They also helped cool a few hot mouths with one of the amazing properties of honey. Strategically placed right next to the PuckerButt Pepper Company ,Guinness World Record holders for the worlds hottest pepper, Smokin’ Ed’s Carolina Reaper®. It was the sadistic samples at this booth of pain that sent people running to the nearest bastion of hope, the Kelley Honey Farms’ sampling station. There they could put out the fire with honey samples and regroup before continuing on their noble journey through Dante’s kitchen.

Zest Fest 2018, a gauntlet of delicious pain


How Does Honey Help?


Just one tablespoon of honey is enough to put out the fire from most really spicy foods, that’s because the sugars in honey help dilute the heat causing compounds found in peppers, how much you need depends on how much spice you’re trying to dissipate.  You may notice that “spicy” honeys don’t tend to taste as spicy as the peppers that they are infused with, that’s the sugars taming down the pungency allowing you to taste more of the flavor of the pepper without overwhelming heat. This is surprising to many, but in fact we’ve known about the ability of sugar to fight heat for a while. The Scoville scale that we use to measure the heat in peppers was devised way back in 1912 and involved diluting a pepper’s extract with sugar water until no heat could be detected. When we dilute spicy sensations with honey we are essentially doing the same, except it tastes better.

Kelley’s new flavored honeys were a hit with Zest Festers

Kelley Honey Farms is a proud Go Texan member


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