Texas Pride

Growing up in Amarillo, Texas and moving around the state has me completely convinced that the single most common trait that we all share is our inherent sense of state pride. Ask anyone around here what they identify as and they’ll probably respond with “Texan”. Most of us believe that Texan pride does not come at the cost of an American identity. I personally love Texas because I find that our great state has a lot to offer. As the second largest state in the country, Texas is made up of about 167.8 million acres of land. Although Texas leads the United States in energy production, it also has a massive agriculture industry that contributes about $19.8 billion dollars in cash receipts to the economy. In fact, about 86% of the land in Texas is in some form of agricultural production with about 98.5% of it being ran by an individual or family. From my experience in the honey industry, I am amazed by the fact that our varying climates and massive amount of land provides us with abundant amounts of natural resources that makes us the only state that has an independently functioning economy. The landscape will vary around you from the dense piney woods of the east, the red flats of the panhandle, the endless canyons of the west, the lush Hill Country of central Texas and the breezy gulf coast of the south. If you have never been here, you will find that our unique culture is derived from years of history deeply rooted in the rich soil beneath our feet — Aren’t you glad to be a Texan?


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